Wayne Preparatory Academy, Goldsboro, NC

Is the EB-5 funding real?

This funding is in fact real. It is a great source of funds for the opening of a school prior to the state funding for start-up.

Is the Education Fund team competent, trustworthy and reliable?

This group is a fine business group to work with. They do what they say they are going to do and handle matters in a timely manner. One of the best parts is that when you are working with EFA you are able to speak with a “live” person to get assistance and information.

Are the EB-5 investors truly “passive” investors or do they bother you or the school?

The investors are mostly passive but they take an interest in the school and its function. This interest is for the purpose of knowing that their investment is being used as was agreed at the onset of the funding relationship being established. The investors “do not hand over money” without the confidence of a win-win situation.

Did the EB-5 funding take too long to happen – causing big construction delays?

In our situation, our school opened on time. However, there were delays due to local interventions and weather. EB-5 funds were not a causal factor in these issues, nor was EFA delayed in putting the money in place for the construction of the school.

How easy is the Education Fund to work with… what kind of people are they?

The members of EFA’s staff were easy to work with in that they were accessible. Further, the staff operates in a professional and businesslike manner while maintaining a personable and friendly relationship with the client.

Would you use EB-5 and the Education Fund again for another school?

Yes, because of the positive business relationship we have established, I would seek EB-5 funds and use The Education Fund again - for the purpose of opening a school.

Other comments

I have worked with Greg Wing, the owner of The Education Fund, for the last year pursuing funds for our school. Greg has worked hard to find investors and has done so with great success. It should be noted that the laws concerning investments changed in one country, and Greg found another way for us to have the funds we needed for our school. Greg Wing goes the extra mile in helping those who want to make the education system a better place for children.

Dr. Kenneth E. Benton

Chairman, Board of Directors
Wayne Preparatory Academy
914 student charter school – grades K - 8