Champion Schools, Phoenix AZ

Is the EB-5 funding real?

Yes, the EB-5 funding is real. Our schools are being built with EB-5 funding, at times in combination with other financing sources. These school buildings are 'State-of-the-Art'. Jobs created, as required by EB-5 funding, benefit American school children and investors.

Is the Education Fund team competent, trustworthy and reliable?

Working with the EFA team is easy. They are always available to answer any questions and/or concerns. We can count on them to handle all of our EB-5 investment funds with accountability. The EFA team communicates clearly and in a timely manner.

Are the EB-5 investors truly “passive” investors or do they bother you or the school?

EB-5 investors are very interested and supportive of the success of the school in serving the local neighborhoods where the new schools are located. We welcome any visits from investors and potential investors. As a school leader, I welcome a dialogue with investors and appreciate their support of our school. It is a true partnership.

Did the EB-5 funding take too long to happen – causing big construction delays?

Planning a project using EB-5 funding requires careful attention to implementing the timeline for completion of construction. The EFA team preparation leads to excellent results.

How easy is the Education Fund to work with… what kind of people are they?

The EFA Team is friendly, pleasant and competent. They are very experienced in EB-5 financing and planning and are inspired by the work they are doing - bringing high quality education to US children, who might not have this opportunity.

Would you use EB-5 and the Education Fund again for another school?

We look forward to building all of our future school with the EFA Team and EB-5 funding.

Carolyn Sawyer, Founder & Principal

Champion Schools Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
600 student charter school - grades K – 8