Gray Collegiate Academy, Columbia, SC

Is the EB-5 funding real?

Yes the EB-5 program is real and it works. Although there are administrative responsibilities attached to the program, the cost savings we have achieved are worth the effort.

Is the Education Fund team competent, trustworthy and reliable?

From start to finish, I found the Education Fund team to be very knowledgeable and provided great communication about every detail of the program. They offered us timely support and were extremely reliable and professional.

Are the EB-5 investors truly “passive” investors or do they bother you or the school?

The EB-5 investors are truly passive. Our investors came to see the school and our program just after we opened and were provided a tour and overview. We were happy to do so and the investors provided us with positive feedback. It was intended to be a “goodwill” visit and nothing more.

Did the EB-5 funding take too long to happen – causing big construction delays?

The EB-5 program had no impact on our School’s construction schedule. The capital was in place well ahead of construction.

How easy is the Education Fund to work with… what kind of people are they?

The people at Education Fund are great to work with. We found them to be extremely professional and took the time to guide us through every step of the process. We felt like they were “in control” at all times and their assistance was timely and reliable. The entire team was friendly and excited about our school’s program.

Would you use EB-5 and the Education Fund again for another school?

I would not hesitate to use the EB-5 program and Education Fund again in our next school. It is a beneficial program that offers real financial incentives in terms of school affordability.

Mike Miller, CFO

Pinnacle Charter School Management Group, LLC
Sanibel, Florida

For: Gray Collegiate Academy
W. Columbia, South Carolina
600 student charter school - grades 9 – 12,