Charlotte Choice Charter – Charlotte, NC.

Is the EB-5 funding real?

Yes, the EB-5 funding is legitimate. I have spoken with the EFA team on many occasions. The website is very informative In addition, we have been introduced to the foreign investors of our building project. We are scheduled to break ground in a few weeks thanks to these investors and others.

Is the Education Fund team competent, trustworthy and reliable?

The Board of Directors at Charlotte Choice Charter School have found that the Education Fund team is proficient and knowledgeable in conducting business and reliable. Any questions that we have presented to the team are addressed in a timely manner with clarity. We have spoken with other schools who worked with the Education Fund team in the past. Several of these schools are already built and have been functioning for a number of years.

Are the EB-5 investors truly “passive” investors or do they bother you or the school?

We have had no contact with the investors other than receiving an email with the names of these wonderful contributors.

Did the EB-5 funding take too long to happen – causing big construction delays?

Although we have not yet begun construction, we are a few weeks from the ground breaking of our new facility and at this point I see no reason for delays. Funding is handled on other levels.

How easy is the Education Fund to work with… what kind of people are they?

As previously noted the EFA team members are very accessible and trustworthy people.

Would you use EB-5 and the Education Fund again for another school?

Absolutely, without a doubt we have no reason not to use them for future building projects.

Any other comments?

If you are entering a building project, this program can certainly assist the board in saving money. The cost to run a school is extremely expensive. To know that The Education Fund program is a viable resource, brings a sense of security concerning capital for a building project. I highly recommend this organization. Please feel free to contact me should you have questions.

Linda Cruz, President

Charlotte Choice Charter, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina
445 student charter school - grades K – 8