Frank Yanez

President, FMZ Advisors, LLC and Venture Feasibility, LLC

Mr. Yanez is a member of the EFA's Advisory board. Mr. Yanez and his companies provide initial project due diligence services in the form of market studies and on-going school evaluations. Mr. Yanez has over 30 years of experience with the American education systems. During the past 15 years, Mr. Yanez had personally helped over 125 charter schools become established successes. Venture Feasibility, LLC provides market feasibility analysis and strategy for new charter schools.

During his career, Mr. Yanez has helped more than 30 schools finance and build their own school facilities and has assisted with the tax-exempt municipal bond purchase financing of 19 charter schools.

In the recent past, Mr. Yanez founded and was the Chairman of a new charter school that is now educating over 2,000 children - after only four years of operation. He currently serves on the governing boards of four charter schools and serves in a leadership role with the Arizona Charter School Association.